I. Town & City Views

View of Herculaneum
City street
Ercolano, Italy

Notice Vesuvius in the distance in the top image.

Plan of the city of Timgad (top)
Cardo (main thoroughfare) lined with shops protected by porticoes. Triumphal arch of Trajan in the distance.
city founded 100 AD by Trajan
Timgad, Algeria
Street with raised stones for pedestrian crossing
Pompeii, Italy

Notice how the walkway doesn't impede vehicular traffic.

II. Public Works
Pont-du-Gard, near Nimes
c. 16 BC
Nimes, France
Public toilets
Ostia, Italy (remember that Ostia is the seaport for Rome)

The drainage channel by my father's feet was where you rinsed your brush (forerunner to t.p.). Notice the very public arrangment without.

Roman baths
Bath, England

Wooden model of original Roman complex built for the 1900 Paris Expo. A great deal of interest was generated by the discovery of the Roman complex during the 1880-1896 excavations.

Forum Baths at Pompeii, heated rooms of the tepidarium
Detail of stucco work
Wealthy woman and her attendants attending the baths
Piazza Armerini, Sicily

III. Commercial Life
Markets of Trajan
100-112 AD
Rome, Italy

Forerunner to our modern shopping mall.

Storefront with serving bar
Pompeii, Italy

Notice the large jars built into the counter. What sorts of food might have been kept in such a manner?

Oven in a shop
Pompeii, Italy
Butcher in his shop
Stone relief
Thermopolium (bar) 
Ostia, Italy

IV. The Home
Reconstructed Triclinium (Roman dining room)
Display in the Corinium Museum, Cirencester, England

House of the Vettii
Atrium (top); garden (below)
Pompeii, Italy
Private domus garden with fountain aedicula and painted scene
Pompeii, Italy

Think about the way in which the decoration functions in the garden.

Two-seater toilet in a private home
Bull Regia, Tunisia

Compare to the public toilet at Ostia (above under Public Works)

Atrium corinthicum and fountain
House of the Hunt
Private, underground 'summer' home
Bulla Regia, Tunisia

In the summer heat of North Africa, citizens of Bulla Regia moved to these underground, cooler dwellings.

House of Sallust (1st style)
2nd century BC 
Pompeii, Italy
Wall of Oecus (2nd style)
1st century AD
Boscoreale (near Pompeii), Italy
Museo Archeologico, Naples, Italy (INA)
Illusionistic Architecture in Relief (stucco) with Woman in Doorway
Pompeii, Italy
Museo Archeologico, Naples, Italy (inv. no. 9595)
Narcissus and Eros and Architectural Fantasy (4th style)
Pompeii, Italy
before 79 AD
Museo Archeologico, Naples, Italy (inv. no. 9027)
Lavish Architectural Fantasy (4th style)
Herculaneum, Italy
63-79 AD
Museo Archeologico, Naples, Italy (inv. no. 9731)
Fourth style painting
Pompeii, Italy
Two layers of floor mosaic
Roman villa at Fishbourne, Sussex, England
original mosaic dates to the lat quarter of the first century AD
overlaying, new mosaic dates to the early second century AD