I. The Traditional Roman gods
Capitolium (temple dedicated to the capitoline triad)
120-130 AD
in the forum of Ostia, Italy

Temples dedicated to the capitoline triad (Jupiter, Juno and Minerva)
2nd century AD (Hadrianic)
anceint Sufetula
Sbeitla, Tunisia

The central tetrastyle temple, dedicated to Jupiter, is in the composite order. The two flanking tetrastyle temples, dedicated to Juno and Minerva, are in the Corinthian order. Notice that the central temple has engaged columns surrounding the cella whereas the flanking temples have engaged pilasters.

Lararium within a private home
Pompeii, Italy
Genius flanked by the Lares (household gods)
Pompeii, Italy

Notice the difference between the simpler and more elaborate lararium.


II. The Cult of the Emperor

III. Eastern Mystery Religions
Mithras Slaying the Bull
British Museum, London, England

Interior of a Mithraeum with painted Taurobolium scene
Sta. Maria in Capua Vetere, Italy (south of Rome)

IV. Christianity