I. Amphitheaters

The Colosseum
AD 72-80
Rome, Italy

Pompeii, Italy
c. 80 BC
Pozzuoli, Italy
Cutaway of the cage and pully aparatus used in the amphitheater
Winged Cupids as Gladiators
mosaic floor in large apsidal room
Roman Villa at Bignor, fourth century AD
Bignor, West Sussex, England
Venationes (huntings)
Sousse, Tunisia
Entertainment events involving wild animals were introduced to Rome in the early second century BC. These popular events were based on the hunt. Here the games are sponsored by a bublic official who is shown in the center of the panel holding a tray of money.

II. Circuses
Relief of a Chariot Accident
terracotta, 31 x 40 cm
1st c. AD
Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna, Austria

III. Theaters

Sabratha, Libya
aerial view (top)
frons scaenae (bottom left)
pulpitum illustrating mythological scenes (bottom right)